Few advices for those returning from the ‘itekaf.

The Following is the gist of the Iqtetami Majlis (Closing Majlis) which was delivered on the last day of ‘Itikaaf by Hazrat Sayyid Maulana Talha Qasmi Sahab Naqshbandi (DB):

1. Being consistent in performing the Salah with the congregation(Takbeer-e-ula) (Ja’maat).
2. To be regular with one’s Ma’mulat(prescribed Ibaadat).
3. To be in an unwavering contact with the Shaykh (Spiritual mentor).
4. To inculcate the habit of reciting masnoon du’as in said situations.
5. To be firm in following the everyday Sunnah.
6. To experience barakah and to have a secure earning, recite the following wazifah after every fard salah:
– “Allahumma ajirni min al-nar” (7 times after Fajr and Maghreb salah)
– “Bismillah illadhi la yadurru ma’a ismihi shay’un fi’l-ard wa la fi’l-sama’ wa huwa al-samee’ ul-‘aleem” (3 times after Fajr and Magheb Salah)
– Reciting Surah Yaseen (Once) on a daily basis after Fajr salah.
– Reciting Manzil on a daily basis.
– Reciting Surah Waqi’ah after Maghreb salah, and
– Surah Mulk before going to sleep.
7. To consider the work for Deen as our own and carrying it out with proper understanding (meaning to work for deen in the same way as we work for ourselves).
8. To have a good conduct (Husn-e-Sulook) with the Family members. While Explaining aspects of Deen, one must act with Softness, Love and Wisdom.
9. To strive for the riddance of Bad elements and Sins from one’s House.
10. To follow the etiquette and decency in doing each and every work related to either of Deen or Dunya.
11. Always abide by Trustworthiness in Amanah(be it the trust in goods, a trust in time, trust in someone’s secret or trust in Advice)
12. To handle the difficulties faced in the work of Deen and the Dunya with a smile while to being patient for Allah’s acceptance. At the same time, to thank Allah for everything he has given.
13. Making Istikhaarah as our ma’mool.
14. Try to balance between the rights of Parents, Wife, and Children. one must try to give all the rights due to each, without effecting the rights of others.
15. Try to know and be informed about the well-being of your Peer Brother, try to keep them firm on deen and if possible help them in wordly affairs too.Read More »