Recitation of Ayat-e-Mubīn

By Shaykh Maulana Sayyed Mohammed Talha Qasmi Naqshbandi d.b

These days, it’s quite common that many people have been trapped in one or the other problems. Some are troubled with daily provision, some afflicted with diseases, some are distressed with thier children, while some with the others. Our elders have experienced that,
The Qur’ān majīd has 106 ayahs which contain the word “Mubīn” (مبين). If all of these Ayahs are recited and a du’ā be made for achieving our goals, then Insha’Allāh our goals will guaranteed be achieved.
It is better that 2 rak‘āt salāt al-hājāt be performed at first, then, at least 7 times Durūd Sharīf is recited and the following Ayahs are recited. Once done, again the Durūd Sharīf is recited 7 times preceded by a Du‘ā made which such desire as though a person is in thirst for water.

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Ayat e Mubeen

When these Ayahs are completed, one should supplicate for ones own needs begging with humility do also pray for the removal of problems of the entire Muslim Ummah.