Significance of Salutations (Darood)

Excerpts taken from Hazrat Shaykh Talha Qasmi Naqshbandi Damat Barkatuhum’s discourses

Professor Muhammad Aslam Saahab (DB) is a famous Khalifa of our Hazrat/Shaykh (Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (DB)) who has composed Hazrat’s lectures in (the book) Majalis-e-Faqeer. Allah Taala has granted him the blessing of companionship and service of the Shaykh and is a very learned and wise man himself. The responsibility of the Taaleem (teaching session) of Majalis-e- Faqeer is upon him in Zambia (South Africa). This year (3 years ago) during the teaching sessions he narrated an incident of his own. He had travelled with Hazrat somewhere, where a long meeting of some people was due with the Shaykh. Some amongst them in the room were very learned and had a good social standing. and there were some people along with Professor Saahab (DB) sat in the other room and they were waiting for Hazratjee (DB). The meeting in progress (of Hazratjee db) continued for long and these men had to wait for a very long time for Hazratjee to meet him. He says when Hazratjee returned from the meeting he said today all of you had to wait for a long time. These men responded saying no Hazrat we did not have any difficulty in waiting. Hazratjee said today I will give you a priceless jewel; a gift for this ‘wait’. These men became happy. The gifts of Allah’s friends are not materialistic or money, they are the material to make the hereafter, these men concentrated on what will Hazratjee give as a gift? Which jewel will he share? Then Hazratjee said “Whenever you are faced with a difficulty or a challenge, there is a lot of commotion, a work is stuck then send salutations aplenty (recite Durood-e-Shareef in abundance). This is that priceless jewel. The significance of salutations is that the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said one who sends one salutation on me Allah sends ten blessings upon him.


Allah’s blessings according to Allah’s greatness

Now our salutations will be based on our size(capacity) and Allah’s blessings will be based on Allah’s size (greatness). Allah’s blessing are based on Allah’s greatness. Understand this by assuming if someone goes to the bathroom and stands below the shower and starts it, (notice) how the water splurges all over? It splurges with speed all over the body such that it covers the entire body and nothing remains dry. Similarly, when we send salutations then we stand under the shower of blessings of Allah Taala, the blessings begin to shower upon us and when Allah’s blessing will shower, how can Satan come? It is our misdeeds that cause the hurdles, Allah cleanses them (misdeeds) and removes the hurdles. Therefore it has always been the routine of the friends of Allah to send salutations and to gain the benefits. Hazrat Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani (  رحمة الله عليه) would usually advise his disciples to recite Darood-e-Tunjeenah or Tunajjinaa 313 times to ward away difficulties. The pronunciation is correct either ways and the reference of such a pronunciation is available in the Quran. This type of salutation (Tunjeena) is available in the books. It is written in the end of the reference book of the hierarchical tree (chain of spiritual connection from Shaykh to the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) of our Hazratjee (DB), it is the experience of many friends of Allah, yours truly (Hazratjee) usually advises his companions to recite Darood-e-Nariya. There are astonishing experience of its benefits. Elders have experienced different benefits of Salutations. Allah’s revered slaves have experienced Allah wards away the difficulties in earnings, challenges and health issues through the salutations.


(May Allah give us the taufeeq to recite Durood abundantly and understand the value of this blessing. Aameen)

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