Benefits of others are visible!

Excerpts taken from Hazrat Shaykh Talha Qasmi Naqshbandi Damat Barkatuhum’s discourses

Hazrat Mujaddid Alf Saani (RA) says any Momin (a person with Iman) cannot be complete in his Iman until he does not consider every person better than his own self. What is the way to do so? We perform an effort with shortcomings and all the efforts brought about by the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم, whichever effort Allah has granted us the ability to contribute towards, we should think our efforts has ostentation and show-off in it and our actions have lot of short comings in them. The other who is contributing to the other effort(s) is doing so with sincerity, he is better than all of us, a man always likes the business of the other in this world. This is a commercial area, everyone likes the other’s business, and do you know why? What is the reason, yours truly has for days and years contemplated on the reason of why this is so. Irrespective of the fact that the business is big he always says the other fellow businessman business is good, he always praises the work of the other, why? The benefits that every person yields from his work, he considers it his right and the difficulties of this business are considered as problems because he start experiencing these difficulties therefore irrespective how big a business Allah may have granted someone, others’ business is always liked. People who have the opportunity of working on multiple businesses never succeed in anything they do because soon as they encounter a difficulty in the business they start another one, every eleven months witnesses the start of a new venture just as there is new contract in the market for eleven months.

Business stability is the result of hard work and resilience, those who stop their efforts being scared of the difficulties never succeed and those who do not have another option are continue since they cannot do anything else with a do or die situation these are the ones whom Allah helps succeed. Thus a person who is too confident of his abilities does not succeed in the work of Deen too, (he claims) I will do this and I will do that. One who is humble says I am very weak and cannot do anything Allah. So and so is doing very well in his business and so and so has earned a lot of blessings and tread ahead in getting to heaven I am so weak and do not know anything beyond this (the work he performs), it is this man who Allah likes immensely and makes him succeed. To the least may we acquire the thought process of the businessmen of the world. The businessmen of the world can see the losses and difficulties of their own ventures and the benefits of others businesses. May Allah also make us see the shortcomings of our efforts and the benefits of others’ efforts. Deception occurs from here when we start seeing the benefits of our work and not the faults and we cannot see the benefit of the efforts being made by others but only their faults.

Our Hazrat (Hazrathjee D.B) states other’s faults are visible to someone who cannot see his own faults, one who sees his own faults does not see other’s faults. Since Allah Ta’ala has distributed abilities, a person cannot do every task. Allah has not given even his Auliya (friends of Allah) this state of unanimity in this day and age. This state of unanimity has left (the world) with the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. Allah has distributed abilities, it befalls the Ummah to contribute according to the ability Allah has bestowed on them. Beyond this, treat every work with respect and view everyone with respect too. Accept each effort, contribute to other efforts and do not oppose it, help other efforts, do not become a hurdle in their path.

May Allah give me and you the ability (to work in this manner).Aameen

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