Dawah, Taalim and Tazkiyah, a collective effort

Excerpts taken from Hazrat Shaykh Talha Qasmi Naqshbandi Damat Barkatuhum’s discourses

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Before beginning to mention the actual talk it feels necessary to draw attention towards a very important point. Dawah (calling towards Allah), Taalim (knowledge) and Tazkiya (spiritual reformation) are three basic pillars of the deen (Islamic way of life). The Ambiya (عليه السلام) arrived to bring life to each pillar. None of these can be detached from the other. The objective of Sayyidna Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم)’s birth was described by Allah (Quranic verse), (they) read (from the Quran) and tell the signs of Allah – this is Dawah (Tabligh); Educate (people) with Quran’s wisdom and knowledge – this is Madarsa (Islamic school); Cleanse (people’s) spiritual heart – This is Khanqah (place for spiritual reformation).

Thus these cannot be separated. These are one, will remain one. Until such time they remain one until then there will be blessings and barakah (of their collective effort) and when they separate then these blessings will go away. When the world was covered with evil, Ummah was visibly old (spiritually) and all the pillars of the deen felt weak, Masajid (Mosques) were empty of worshippers, Madaaris (Islamic schools) were empty of students, Khanqah (place for spiritual reformation) were empty of people seeking to cleanse their hearts (of spiritual diseases) and the entire world was after material things. This had its effect in this Ummah, it is then that Allah Ta’ala made a man stand by giving him the work of Dawah (Tabligh) through which the Ambiya (عليه السلام) begin the work of their mission (of bringing people closer to Allah). It is important to note that Ambiya (عليه السلام) begin their work with Dawah (Tabligh) but they do not stop there (since it is the first step). Allah Ta’ala made one of his most beloved servant stand who began work (giving Dawah) from where Ambiya (عليه السلام) used to begin their work every time (when it occurred at different times in history). I am not saying this with any doubt that Allah made this servant of his stand it was not the doing of any man, neither was it the suggestions of a group of people not was it the reaction of the broken heart. Movements in the world are most often the result of a reaction. Reactions are not very powerful and do not last long.

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